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Shark Blanket - Blankie Tails


A unique plush gray shark blanket with fins, climbing into the mouth of Jaws.

Delve into the ocean with this wonderfully unique shark-shaped blanket. Climb inside your 56'' long cozy blanket and enjoy some comfy fun. Both feet fit snug inside the shark's tail of this Parents' Choice Fun Stuff award winning snuggly gift. At 24'' wide there is plenty of room to wiggle round in and it's machine washable! Your one and only chance to snuggle up with a shark.

Shark Blanket
Shark Blanket Lifestyle
Shark Blanket Size
Shark Blanket Box

Why They'll love it

  • Wonderfully soft and comfy 56'' long blanket
  • Cool shark design and machine washable
  • Foot sized fins for slipping your toes into!

Technical Stuff

  • Ages 5-12 (For kids 2.5ft to 5 ft tall)
  • Measures: 24" W x 56" H
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs

About Five Year Olds

A good age to be creative and artistic. Little darlings will want to draw everything and you will have to admire kid art, if done by your child. Art kits make great presents and five year olds like creative toys. Painting becomes very popular about now.

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