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Reversible Scented Light-up Tutu

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The very height of sophistication and class, this light-up tutu skirt for tots brings everything to the table.

It smells like sweet and sour tart candies, reminiscent of untwisting that plastic casing and doling out little discs of heaven to your friends. It even looks like a sweet tart with its reversible material, so it can be worn in bright purple or cool blue! Its elastic band makes it perfect for tot sizes as bodies are growing, and its built-in light-up feature makes the tutu body twinkle like a Christmas tree. This rockin' tutu is made for a diva costume, playing dress-up, or just for good ol' self-expression as a she flexes her superstar vibes. What an illuminating idea!

Reversible Scented Light-up Tutu
Reversible Scented Light-up Tutu Detail

Why They'll love it

  • Built-in light-up switch
  • Infused with the sweet scent of sweet tarts
  • Reversible colors - pink or blue

Technical Stuff

  • Ages: 4+
  • Package Size: 10" x 10"
  • Weight: .2 lb

About Six Year Olds

By the age of six, children are becoming real people, with unique personalities and an enthusiasm for the world around them. Our selection of presents for six year olds is equally unique, with lots of unusual toys you may not have seen elsewhere. As we all know, six year olds are LOUD.

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