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Original Stomp Rocket

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Run, jump & stomp on the air-powered launchpad to blast the foam rockets 200 ft into the sky!

Set up the launcher, load a rocket and then jump onto the launch pad - the foam rocket will shoot through the air up to 200 feet! Propelled by air power, and with some enthusiasm, you can get the rockets to go over the tree tops. Comes with a launch pad and 4 rockets - no batteries needed and it's ready to fly in minutes. You may not scare off the 747's, but you will surely worry the pigeons.

Super Stomp Rocket
Stomp Rocket
Original Stomp Rocket Box Rear

Why They'll love it

  • Easy to assemble outdoor fun
  • Rockets shoot up to 200 ft in the air
  • 4 air powered rockets included

Technical Stuff

  • Age 6+
  • Box Size: 12in x 8in x 3in
  • Weight: 14 ozs

About Seven Year Olds

Growing stuff is now very appealing. As is making stuff in the kitchen which can be a really fun, joint activity. There is nothing like melting chocolate or making bread to bring out the inner creative. The Rapid Fire Power Popper is one of our top toys and a great present for 7 year olds for when they are being less creative and want to chase their little friends all over the garden.

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