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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best gift to give a 10 year old boy?

Boys this age love challenging and stimulating "build yourself" sets, as well as gifts that are used outdoors and can be used with friends. Items such as the Sonic Booma Sports Boomerang, and Smart Ball can all be used alone or with friends.

What do 10 year old boys like?

At this age, 10 year old boys are full of curious energy, inventive thinking and a little mischief. Ten year old boys love gifts that are based around electronics and technology to fire their imaginations. They often enjoy tinkering around with circuits, playing with gadgets, building kits with motors, or getting outdoors and participating in active sports. We have the perfect options for 10 year old boys!

What can I buy a 10 year old boy for his birthday?

Pre-teens are very sociable in this time of their lives, as well as wanting to leave their kid stuff behind. Foster their social development with the aid of gifts that can be used with friends like our Smart Ball, or inspire their creativity with technical gifts such as our Mega Cyborg Hand or Archi.Tech Smart House. Go further into awesomehood with our Edible Science Experiments and gift something you'll be remembered for!

What are 10 year old boys into?

Not a child but not quite a teen, the tween boy is a complex creature. Boys this age love spending time with their peers, playing games and developing their sense of self and the world around them. They don't take themselves too seriously just yet, and enjoy fun outdoor challenges. Check out our site for some brilliant present options for this age group.