Story Cubes - Hone Your Imagination!!

Roll the picture cubes & make up a story - imaginative fun.

10 year old boys have a lot going on inside their heads. Now that they're in the double-digits, they crave freedom and independence, and may act like they know everything there is to know. But they're also scared of the responsibility that growing up brings. A 10 year old boy is still figuring himself out, and doesn't yet know what he really wants or how to go get it. (Unless it's Fortnite. He's probably an expert on that!)

Treat him like the grown-up he’s desperate to become by asking instead of telling. When it comes to chores, give him a time frame and clear guidelines. He may still try and get out of doing them ("Why should I make my bed when it's just going to get messy again tonight?"), but that's all part of testing boundaries and developing his independence. Don't take the bait. If he rolls his eyes, respond with calmness and logic - more often than not, he'll come back and apologize on his own.

For a 10 year old, his friends are the most important thing in his life. He'll want to look cool in front of his peers, and he might even become a fearless risk-taker. (Time to stock up on Band-Aids!)

At this age, boys are increasingly susceptible to the pressure to behave a certain way based on stereotypes. He'd rather die than be thought of as 'babyish' or 'girly'. But let him know that it's okay to be sensitive or cry, and encourage him to share his feelings - even if he has to hide those emotions on the playground. Be a trusted sounding board for him and keep the lines of communication open at home - it can only help in the years to come!