Frequently Asked Questions

What are cool toys for boys age 11?

When buying for a tween it can be difficult to find cool gifts but don't worry, Wicked Uncle is here to help! From Spy X Night Mission Goggles, to Edible Chemistry Kits, collections will ensure they remain too cool for school among their friends! Gifting them something that helps them look cool and build relationships is the best way to be the best, most wicked uncle or aunt!

What are the best hobbies for an 11 year old boy?

Whilst it's easy to allow 11 year olds to play video games and watch TV, it's so important that they find something that they love! Take time and introduce them to new classes, where they can meet new friends. You can even try out new hobbies as a family such as swimming or gardening! 11 Year olds are building social structures as well so remember to gift them things such as Smart Ball, Sonic Booma Sports Boomerang, or even Magno Darts the Magnetic Dart Game to help.

What to get an 11 year old boy for their birthday?

Finding a birthday gift for a tween isn't always easy! From creative, to sporty, and tech, we have the perfect present that any 11 year old boy will love plus we test and check the gifts we stock to ensure high quality as well as a high cool factor! Don't forget, you can have your order gift wrapped and sent directly to their door!

11 year old boys are going through a lot, so get ready to join them on the confusing and emotional roller coaster!

At this age, he's trapped between not being a little kid but not yet being a grown-up. He'll want responsibility, but can become insecure about what he can actually achieve. These mixed feelings can be a lot to cope with - for you and him both! Encourage him to get involved in extracurricular activities to develop his talents and boost his self-esteem.

At this age, his hobbies start to become passions, and the stakes feel higher. Whether it's a football game or a Fortnite mission, losing can feel like the end of the world. Be enthusiastic when he succeeds (even if you're still not sure what Fornite is), and remind him that having fun is more important than winning.

11 year olds can be expert debaters, so expect pushback on hot-button topics like chores and limits on screen time. He'll jump at the chance to argue about the injustice of loading the dishwasher or his inalienable right to the latest Xbox game. Be fair but clear with your terms.

Above all else, remember that boys aged 11 year are still kids! Even if he complains that you're embarrassing him in front of his friends, he'll still ask you to tuck him into bed. And don't be surprised that even if he publicly declares toys to be 'babyish', he still secretly enjoys playing with them! (You are never too cool for Play-Doh.)