Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best gift for a 12 year old boy?

12 year old boys love a challenge. So gift them just that. For some great options check out the brilliant and bonkers Beat That! - Battle of Wacky Challenges, a brainteaser in BrainBolt - Fast Light-Up Memory Game or the exhilarating Upside Down Challenge Game.

What do 12 year old boys like?

At this age, 12 year old boys are on the cusp of some very big changes! They enjoy experimenting with new things, being sociable and discovering the joys and wonders of technology. Many will enjoy a gadget or two and of course competitive games! Check out Lawn Darts for some awesome glow in the dark competitive play!

What do I buy a 12 year old boy?

Generally speaking, 12 year old boys are curious about anything and everything! Our most popular gifts for this age group include the stand out Interactive Glow T-Shirt, fun games such as Liar! Liar! - Pants on Fire! and amazing card kits such as the Fifty Greatest Card Tricks.

What to get a 12 year old boy for Christmas?

For hours of magical fun for a 12 year old boy at Christmas, check out the Lights From Anywhere - a brilliant kit from Marvin`s Magic! Another popular choice for this age group is the Upside Down Challenge Game - literally turn the world upside down using special goggles and try and complete challenges, perfect for some festive family fun!

What do I buy 12 year old boy for his birthday?

Every 12 year old is in their experimentative season of life - why not treat them to an Edible Chemistry Kit for their birthday full of fun and bubbling set of experiments that you can eat and drink!