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Rock & Roll Drum Studio - Be a Pro! USA

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Fun portable drum set, with all the equipment for youngsters to start their rock star journey.

This amazing electronic drum pad allows you to record into your computer then play either through your MP3 player or its built in speaker. With multiple instrumental tracks to play along to and multiple sound styles you can create the perfect tune. Complete with drum sticks, drum pedals (hi-hat and bass drum) and full operating instructions, it even (mercifully!) comes with headphones. Then simply fold up your silicon material drum set and pop it in your backpack to play on the move. Time to take your band on the road!

Rock and Roll Drum Studio
caryying box for drum studio
Rock and Roll Drum Studio's a Winner

Why They'll love it

  • Professional, portable drum pad
  • Hi hats and bass drum foot pedals
  • Great sound - multiple styles and multiple trackis
  • Full record and playback features

Technical Stuff

  • Ages: 10+
  • Size: 20" x14" x 2"
  • Weight: 3lbs 10 ozs
  • USB power chord and can be battery powered

About Twelve Year Old Boys

Twelve year old boys are highly active, madly interested in gadgets and just starting to be interested in being seriously cool. So we have lots of cool stuff for proto teenagers as well as classic boys’ toys which are fun at any age.

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