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Frequently Asked Questions

What to get 14 year old boy for his birthday?

Don't get a gift card - get them a gift they'll cherish and think of you every time they use! 14 year olds want gifts that will make them look cool with their friends, as well as being fun. We have gadgets, games, mood lights, and even interactive t-shirts. Yes, they can write swear words on the interactive shirts, but no it won't last.

What's the average height for a 14 year old boy?

The average height for a fourteen year old boy is around 5 ft 4.5 inches. It's important to bare in mind that children's heights can vary a lot plus they go through stages of growth spurts.

What do 14 year old boys like for gifts?

At 14, teenaged boys don't want anything that could be misconstrued as a toy. They gather in social groups and often wish to demonstrate to the social group their level of cool so gift them something that will help them stand out. Whether something technical or gadgety, crazy fun, or sporty, we have something for every boys' taste and we've selected them based on their age and coolness factor, not just what the manufacturer says.