Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best gift to give a 3 year old boy?

3 year old boys love creative and imaginary play. The best gifts for this age group are roarsome gifts like the T-Rex Head Torch and the Dinosaur Magnetic Scenes.

How to play with a 3 year old boy?

3 year olds are so much fun to play with! As their curiosity and energy levels grow, now is the time to invest in a first football - check out the Squish Football for a great option. Boys will love to chase and be chased and enjoy any chance for role play fun! One of our most popular toys, the Fireman Henry's Water Sprayer is perfect for stimulating outdoor play.

What do I buy a 3 year old boy for his birthday?

What 3 year old doesn't absolutely love bubbles? Check out the Light Up Bubbleizer for hours of fun day or night.

How to entertain a 3 year old boy at home?

At this age, boys are full of curiosity and will find the simplest activities so much fun! Why not build a fort, go on a treasure hunt or get lost in a story. 3 year olds also love any activity in the kitchen, especially if it involves flour and rolling pins!

What are the best toys for 3 year old boys?

The best toys for 3 year old boys include an array of outdoor, construction, and sensory toys! Check out the Stomp Rocket Jr. where you can simply jump and stomp to launch the glow rockets up to 100 ft into the air! or why not take a look at our Bath Time Flutes which will guarantee lots of musical fun!