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Laser Maze Junior

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Use spatial relations and logic to light the rockets so they can safely return to earth.

Appropriate for younger minds, this junior version of Thinkfun’s popular Laser Maze game includes 40 challenges at four levels of play, ranging from Easy to Super Hard. A beam of laser light shines from a fixed position, and you carefully position the satellite mirrors to guide the beam to the rockets. Once the rockets are ignited, it’s mission accomplished!

Choose a challenge card, adjust the game board to match your chosen challenge, and then light the rockets with the laser. It sounds simple, but young scientists will have to use all of their brain power as the challenges, invented by a world famous puzzle creator, get trickier and trickier. A great way to show young people how science and logic can take us to the stars!

Why They'll love it

  • Laser reflecting strategy
  • 40 easy to super hard challenges
  • Instruction manual with solutions included
  • Requires 2 'AAA' batteries (not included)

Technical Stuff

  • Age: 6+
  • Box Size: 11in x 9in x 3in
  • Weight: 2lbs

About Eight Year Old Boys

Eight year olds like more challenging construction sets, and are starting to get seriously interested in science. Anything involving potential explosions or high speed makes a good present. They can also start doing cleverer magic and love doing tricks. And anything they can throw or shoot at someone else is also very popular.

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