Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find fun and practical gifts for an 8 year old boy?

It can be very difficult to find practical yet fun gifts for 8 year old boys but rest assured we have an array of present ideas which we know kids will love! Why not check out Mashers - six monster odd socks a crazy and new fun trend! The Mini Hornit is also a fantastic gift - a light that can be popped onto your scooter or bike and features over 25 fun sounds so people will know when your on your way!

Where can I find games for 8 year old boys?

We have so many games which any 8 year old boy would love! Check out our Games category to discover games suitable to play with both friends and family!

What are your top birthday presents for an 8 year old boy?

Our top birthday gifts for 8 year old boys include Spy X Night Mission Goggles, Sonic Booma Sports Boomerang, Minecraft Magentic Travel Puzzle, and the amazingly fun Glowstriker - Hovering Target Game!

Eight year old boys are complex creatures: they're starting to look like 'big kids', but they're still losing baby teeth!

At this age, boys thrive in larger social groups. Their play often involves elaborate games with ongoing storylines, usually with rotating leaders and everyone working together towards a common goal. Sometimes it's re-enacting characters and events from a popular show, and other times it's more low-tech: in the playground economy, how many shiny rocks is a grasshopper worth? It only works if everyone agrees!

For eight year olds, their peers are more important than ever before. At this age, he'll want to get involved with clubs, teams, and after-school activities. Groups like Scouts or 4H provide a 'mini society' he can visit and experiment with, while still maintaining the safety net of a supportive family back home.

This is also the age of first sleepovers! Sleepovers are exciting, although some boys may secretly be nervous to spend a night away from home. Guarantee a great sleepover experience for every kid with fun activities like DIY slime, board games, and building sets.

Eight is also an important age because it marks the start of their metacognitive development (the ability to reflect on their thoughts). Eight year old boys are slowly growing out of the black-and-white thinking patterns of younger children, and developing more complex thoughts about their inner selves and abilities. Instead of "I'm bad at soccer!", he can now reason "I'm not very good at scoring goals because I can't kick very far, but I can practice it and get better!" Help build his resilience in the face of obstacles. Whether he's interested in art, sports, or books, encourage him to try new things and tackle tough challenges - and be ready with praise when he does!