Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best gifts for 10 year old girls?

Our best gifts for 10 year old girls include a Neon Effect Message Frame, Fashion Design Light Up Sketch Pad, and Origami Flower Lights. Did you know that we can gift wrap and send directly to the birthday girl herself?

Looking for good books for a 10 year olds girl?

You've come to the right place! Whether you're looking for fun or educational books we have something for every kind of bookworm! Check out Burn After Writing and Britannica - All New Children's Encyclopedia plus, don't forget we even have a range of cute animal bookmarks and reading lights!

By age ten, girls are experiencing a physical growth spurt, and they might even be taller than the boys - which is fun while it lasts!

Less fun is the emotional upheaval that comes with being in fifth grade. After this final year towering over younger kids at their grade school, next year they're off to a brand-new school and social scene.

Most ten year old girls have several close-knit friends, as well as a best friend. But relationships can be intense, and BFFs don't always last as long as the name implies.

Fortunately, ten year olds are more emotionally resilient than they were in their younger years. By this age, they have a stronger sense of who they are, what they believe, and what they like or dislike. They take great pride in sports and activities they're good at. And if they don't feel good at something, they'll work hard to improve.

Being aged ten is hard work. Trying to keep up with increasingly difficult schoolwork, navigating social groups and finding time to hang out with friends, AND having to deal with the dreaded puberty? (We wouldn't go back!)

It's no wonder ten year olds spend so much time in their rooms! They need to de-stress and unwind. They'll love having a bedroom decorated to their tastes (whether it's taping boyband posters on the wall or insisting that everything follow a favorite color scheme), and which can serve as their own safe haven from the confusion of the outside world.