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Chiming Ball Necklace


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Silver ball that chimes very gently when shaken, packed in a beautiful gift box.

Handmade and carrying a unique sound, this lovely shiny ball chimes to sooth and relax - a gentle shake will release its ethereal chimes. A gorgeous silver-plated, 0.6 inch diameter ball on a shorter 16 inch chain, perfect for any occasion. Packaged in a lovely bag and gift box, this is an exquisite and unusual present - makes for a very stylish necklace.

Chiming ball necklace
box showing chiming ball necklace
open box with silk bag
closed box of necklace

Why They'll love it

  • Beautiful gift box
  • Gently chiming noise inside
  • Silver plated

Technical Stuff

  • Box Size: 5in x 4in x 2in
  • Weight: 3oz
  • From Tales from the Earth

About Ten Year Old Girls

Ten year old girls tell us they’re a bit too cool for toys, with a few exceptions. They are extremely clever and creative, though, so we have sets to help them make bread, perfume, crystals, or beautiful music, and much more. They enjoy getting together with friends to make or build things, and also enjoy nail art and fashion gifts, because they really stylish and on trend.

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