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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical 11 year old girl like?

Being an eleven year old girl is not for the faint of heart. Not only are their brains and bodies changing, but they also have to cope with the trials and tribulations of middle school. It's no wonder preteens can be moody - we would be too!

For an eleven year old girl, friends are more important than ever. This stage of emotional and social development adds extra pressure to navigate the complicated dynamic of the sixth grade social scene. She may drift away from long-term friendships as she's exposed to new people in middle school, and she may have a new BFF for every day of the week. (Don't worry if you can't keep up!) Above everything else, she'll want to belong to a larger group and know where she fits in. 

And here comes the contradiction of being an 11 year old girl: even as she's trying to blend in with her peers and not stand out, she'll also be craving independence and wanting to express herself as an individual. She will want control over her clothes, hairstyle, and room decor. And she'll be eager to spend time with friends and without adult supervision. Encourage her sense of independence by making a list together of what activities she's allowed to do on her own, and praising her when things go well.

At this age, her brain's frontal cortex is still developing, which means she's more likely to push limits and take risks, especially if it gains her social connection and acceptance. Help build resilience against peer pressure and bullying by developing her self-esteem. Many preteens boost their confidence with part-time jobs that put them in positions of responsibility, such as tutoring or babysitting. And for the best of both worlds, let her friends get involved too. We always thought "The Baby-Sitters Club" seemed like a fun idea!

What are the best gifts for 11 year old girls?

Here at Wicked Uncle, we have a great selection of gifts to make that celebration just that little bit extra special! Our gifts have the perfect mix of cool and awesome to make them perfect to gift without worrying. Origami flower lights, slap watched, candy chemistry and light up neon message frames are all popular products that will help that special girl feel even more special, but also help her look cool in her peer group.

What birthday gifts can I buy for 11 year old girl?

Our most popular gifts for this age group range from cool creative kits such as fold your own Origami Flower Lights, to funky pampering with Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs. It's important to gift something cool like slap watches, or funky like odd socks, but also eco aware such as the collapsible water bottle.

What's the average height for a 11 year old girl?

The average height for a 11 year old girl is around 4ft 9 inches. It's important to bare in mind that children's heights can vary a lot plus they go through stages of growth spurts.