Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular toys for girls age 3?

Did you know all of our toys are tested by actual kids? That means you can trust that the toys are actually worth buying! From a Unicorn Head Lamp to a Light Up Bubbleizer, we have the best gifts for girls age 3.

What are the best educational toys for a 3 year old girl?

Who says educational toys can't be fun?! Discover the art of balancing with the Flamingo Balancing Game, or learn how to count with our colorful Wooden Peacock.

What to get a 3 year old girl for their birthday?

Three year old girls love to explore, get creative and play dress-up. So when it comes to finding the perfect birthday gift, we have everything from a Play Foam Pack to Sparkle Works - Design and Drill. Plus, all our toys are tested by actual kids!

How to find a unique gift for a 3 year old girl?

Finding unique toys for three year old girls can be tricky so it's time to think out the box! Grow It has been designed for aspiring gardeners with little green fingers or why not, show them how to become a Star Baker using a Unicorn Baking Set.

What's the average height for a 3 year old girl?

The height of a 3 year old girl ranges from 35-40 inches and on average they usually grow 1-2 inches per year! Make measuring your height fun by getting the whole family involved and marking each one on a wall at home or even a tree in your backyard!

Three is a magical age for little girls... literally! Three year olds have active imaginations and elaborate inner fantasy lives. They love making up stories and playing pretend in their own private worlds. Assist her make-believe adventures with 'play pretend' toys, fun dress-up outfits, and by using your own imagination to construct elaborate blanket forts in the living room!

Young kids become fiercely attached to favorite stuffed animal and toys. A three year old will spend hours imagining that her beloved toys can talk and play with her. As an adult in her life, you can expect to be invited to an endless number of teddy bear tea parties. And don't forget to compliment the hostess on her delicious invisible tea!

At three, she may also be preparing to enter preschool. This is a big milestone! She has to adjust to spending several hours a day away from mom and dad, and learn how to build relationships with a teacher and other children. This transition can be overwhelming, and may lead to tears and tantrums as she adjusts.

Since toddlers aren't known for their emotion regulation, she may need some help coping with these new feelings. Help manage tantrums by getting down to her level and speaking with her in clear, gentle tones. Encourage her to name what she's feeling. The sooner she can identify and cope with her negative emotions, the sooner she can get back to playing!