Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular toys for a 5 year old girl?

Our most popular toys have been handpicked and feature a Fairy Light Garden where you can grow and create a magical land. For Unicorn lovers the Unicorn Head Lamp will be an instant win or, get creative with our Crazy Faces Magneti'book. There are so many fantastic trending toys to choose from!

What presents do I buy for 5 year old girls?

If you're wondering what to buy a 5 year old girl whether it be for their birthday, the holidays, or 'just because' Wicked Uncle is here to help! From bike accessories to makeup kits to treasure hunts, you can check out our best gifts here.

Where can I find the best birthday present for a 5 year old girl?

You are in the right place! We've handpicked and tried and tested the best toys which make fantastic birthday gifts! From unicorn-inspired toys to get crafty and creative - we have something for every 5 year old girl! Plus you can add gift wrap and a handwritten card at checkout to make it extra special.

What are the best books for 5 year old girls?

Discover our range of educational and fun books for your mini bookworms! Reading is a fundamental part of growing up, from bedtime stories to cookbooks to joke diaries - we've even got lights so they can read after dark! Check out our collection suitable for 5-year-olds here.

What's the average height of a 5 year old girl?

The average height for a 5 year old girl is around 3ft 6.5 inches. It's important to bare in mind that children's heights can vary a lot plus they go through stages of growth spurts.

Looking for fun gifts for five year old girls? We have everything you need to make their birthday or Christmas as special as they are.

Five is an exciting age: they're just starting kindergarten, and their whole world is opening up. They're being exposed to new people and new places, and they're curious about it all! At this stage, they're also starting to master their vocabulary a little more, so they can carry on 'big kid' conversations (...usually about unicorns).

But as five year olds move further away from their chubby-cheeked toddler years, their emotional development can fluctuate. This is an 'in-between' stage, so expect meltdowns over minor things. Fortunately for them (and us!), these will become rarer as they learn to regulate their emotions and look for affirmation from adults.

Kindergarten is when little ones learn to read and write. Their longer attention span and increasing control of their fine motor skills means they can now turn pages of a book, grasp a pencil, and use safety scissors. Gifts which encourage literacy and creativity, such as colorful crayons and fun story books, are perfect for this milestone age.

And the cutest thing about five year olds in kindergarten: at this age, they're moving from 'parallel play' with other kids to more interactive social play. This is also the age in which their brains are more able to distinguish fantasy from reality. But little girls still love to play dress-up, so make-believe and role play toys make fantastic (and adorable) gifts.