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Roll the picture cubes & make up a story - imaginative fun.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to find unique gifts for a 8 year old girl?

At Wicked Uncle USA HQ, we've searched the seas high and wide to find the funkiest, coolest and most unique gifts for your 8 year old! From the epic Light Up Sketch Pad, the outright funky Rainbow Swim Goggles to hilarious BBOP Balls, you are guaranteed to find that something extra special!

What do I buy an 8 year old girl?

Girls this age love to develop their sense of style and identity. Check out this brilliant Origami Flower Lights kit - she can create her very own beautiful origami flower color-changing lights, or how about the color changing Jellyfish Lamp perfect additions for any girls bedroom!

What are 8 year old girls into?

Bursting with independence and creative expression, girls at this age enjoy spending time mastering more complex tasks, fostering their social connections, playing sports and reading.

What to get 8 year old little girl for birthday?

Bring some color and stand out from the crowd with these awesome LED Light Up Gloves. Perfect for a disco or for fun light shows in the dark, these wonderfully warm gloves will have use for many years to come!

At 8 years old, girls are still a long way off appearance-conscious adolescence. But the average 8 year old girl will likely become interested in how she looks, and start to have strong opinions on her hairstyle or what she wears. Encourage her to express herself! Plus some of the funkiest accessories and boldest colors are only available in child sizes - why not live vicariously through her fashion choices!

All eight year olds feel a strong need to belong in their social circles. By third grade, girls are increasingly more self-reliant and proactive about inviting friends over for sleepovers and organising playdates. (But don't call it a 'playdate' in front of her, because she'll say the word is too babyish!)

Girls this age tend to pair off in smaller groups and have close individual friendships - but the closer the friendship, the more intense the emotions and the drama if something goes wrong. Peer pressure can be a powerful thing. Encourage her to always be herself, and to pursue interests and hobbies where she can make like-minded friends.

Eight year old girls are also emotionally maturing at a rapid rate. They may begin to need 'me-time', free and unstructured time in which they're left alone with their thoughts. Girls have a growing need for privacy and healthy ways to deal with their more private feelings. A lockable drawer or box, or a diary with matching key, are meaningful gifts. Not only do they keep her secrets safe, but they will also show you respect her need for privacy.