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Fairy Unicorn Lockable Journal with Scented Pen

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Cute unicorn and fairy themed lockable notebook and pen for fun doodlings.

This slim A6 hardback notebook features dainty little fairies and a magical pink unicorn with flowers, balloons and a beautiful princess castle. With 80 multi-colored pages inside, this lovely notebook is locked with a heart padlock and key. The matching pen is scented with the sweet smell of donuts. Perfect for drawings, scribbles and magical secrets, like when you last saw a unicorn!

Floss and Rock Fairy Unicorn Lockable Journal
Floss and Rock Lockable Journal Doughnut Pen

Why They'll love it

  • Pretty A6 lockable journal
  • Matching doughnut scented pen
  • Whimsical introduction to writing!

Technical Stuff

  • Journal Size: 6.25" x 4" x .5"
  • Weight: 0.25 lbs
  • Ages: 8+