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Smart 3D Pen - Super Mega Kit

Out of stock

With a flourish of your fancy, kid friendly and safe wireless 3D Printing Pen (complete with USB cable for charging), you'll be on your way to creating anything you want out of thin air.

The kit comes with 8 packs of colorful plastic strands - almost 200 in total. And includes 3Doodler's unique blocks - molds that can be easily “filled in” or used to create contour lines for specific shapes and patterns. Plus the kit has a complete set of instructions, with more than a dozen, fun project ideas so you'll know exactly what to do. The pen itself is wireless, and works like a next-gen hot glue gun, without the heat - feed the plastic strand through the back, and click the bright orange start button to release a stream of 3D artwork. Shape it into dinosaurs, little people, butterflies, pirate ships, and more! What other kid on the block will have a 3Doodler set?!

smart 3d pen super mega kit
child using the 3d pen
building with the super mega kit

Why They'll love it

  • Make 3D sculptures as if by magic
  • 8 colors of eco-plastic, biodegradable 3D strands and 8 doode blocks
  • Activity guide including 15+ projects
  • USB charger for wireless play!

Technical Stuff

  • Ages: 8+
  • Size: 18" x 10" x 3"
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs

Girls, 13 And Older...

Some teenaged girls love things like baking and painting their nails, but they are also very happy playing arcade games. Because Wicked Uncle understand that there is more to being a girl than pink and sparkly stuff (although that is rather nice too, sometimes) girls in their teens and beyond will really appreciate a gift from us. You should be able to get a really unusual birthday or Xmas gift.

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