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Danger is Still Everywhere - Field Guide


Lively, fascinating exploration, with great, quirky pictures of all things dangerous- including parents.

, Follow the advice of expert dangerologist, Dr Noel Zone - given from the safety of his wardrobe, while the terrifying puppy Napkin barks from the floor. With hilarious art and graphics on each page, you'll learn about the hidden dangers of high-fives, (and why a shy-five is sometimes preferable,) how to make sure your dog isn't a zombie dog, how wearing bubble wrap everywhere can protect you a tennis matches and rock concerts, and more. Helpful acronyms and scary anecdotes about seemingly innocuous situations turned dangerous will prepare even the biggest dare-devil for all kinds of dangers. How would YOU have de-dangered swashbuckling pirates in the olden days? Get inspired and de-danger your whole world!

Danger is Still Everywhere
Danger is Still Everywhere Safety
Danger is Still Everywhere Volcano
Danger is Still Everywhere Flamingo

Why They'll love it

  • Hardback book with more than 200 pages of goofy stories and sage advice
  • Hilarious cartoons and artwork demonstrating the world's hidden dangers
  • Exam at the end of the book to become a certified dangerologist!

Technical Stuff

  • Ages: 9+
  • Size: 6.25" x 1" x 8"
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs

About Eleven Year Old Girls

Eleven year old girls are super sophisticated and extremely clever. They love to test their brains with cool games and puzzles, and with a bit of help, they could probably compose a symphony. They do love a bit of pampering, but are also very happy when they are making or building things. They also enjoy pranks and magic tricks, so watch out!

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